United States Outpaced by South Korea, UAE, Japan, and others in 5G Speeds

With the world ready to fully embrace the phenomenon that is 5G, it turns out that the US has quite the work still left to do. As of now, the 5G download speeds in the US aren’t on par with the speeds in other countries. Moreover, with the official rollout of the iPhone 12, it gets easier to showcase how the US is lacking when it comes to the 5G speeds.

As per the information available on Ookla SpeedTest, iPhone 12’s 5G data measured across 15 cities around the world tells us that New York City managed to secure the 14th spot in download speeds with 97.33Mbps. While it edged out Singapore’s download speed of 93.62Mbps, NYC’s download speed was way less than Seoul’s (#1) 472.28Mbps, Dubai’s 338.53Mbps, and Riyadh’s 319.25Mbps. Sydney and Helsinki ended up taking the 4th and 5th spots respectively.

While its download speed wasn’t up to the mark, New York City managed to make it to the top 10 in upload speeds by boasting 27.47Mbps. In the said category, NYC beat Sydney, Honk Kong, Madrid, London, Singapore, and Rome.

Considering what many countries have done with their 5G infrastructure already, it's high time that the US ups its game as well.

Throughout South Korea, around 100,000 5G base stations are installed, resulting in Seoul leading the speed charts. Moreover, the European cities’ impressive speed data highlights how solid the 5G infrastructure has become in the continent.

One of the reasons why the US hasn’t been able to topple the competition in 5G download speeds is that numerous countries have committed mid-band allocations. On the other hand, the US is still focused on dedicating the required airwaves for countrywide coverage.

Even though high-range mmWave 5G is capable of boosting speeds in certain situations, the only way to guarantee consistent quality is by relying on dedicated mid-range coverage.

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