Twitter gets on ‘fire’ as Apple douses the hopes of millions of users with its ‘pseudo environmentalism’

Apple does it again!

In the name of ‘environmentalism,’ Apple recently released its latest iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro without a charging adaptor and air pods!

As per the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, the company decided to not include earphones or air pods and a charging adaptor in the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro packaging because most of the users already have these things and they do not need them again. Apple claimed that this is going to reduce carbon emissions, and that it is a wonderful measure for the environment.

While this is understandable, the problem that has ‘annoyed’ millions of Apple users is that the latest iPhones use a USB-C- cable for charging, and much to the horror and dread of these users, most of the charging adaptors that were used for older iPhones do not support the USB-C-cable! This means that users will have to buy new charging adaptors separately.

It is not easy to fool consumers these days. They understand that Apple used the ‘environment’s drum’ for its own benefit. And their frustration with the most anticipated and otherwise wonderful iPhone models turned into angry rants over Twitter.

Some people tried to find the irony in the situation rather hilariously, with them pointing out that the price of this iPhone is high as usual. People used the age-old joke that to buy this iPhone, they need to sell one of their kidneys, but now that the charging adaptor and air pods are not included, they will have to sell their other kidney to buy them too. Of course, this is just an exaggerated attempt to find humor in a rather silly situation, but Twitter is full of tweets about this latest update by Apple.

Apple has done such kind of a thing in the past also, with doing away with jacks for headphones which turned into a nuisance for many users. That was also an attempt to boost their sales, and now this recent update is also being construed by the users as a way to extract more money from them. Twitter is currently ‘ablaze’ with tweets about how unfair it is and how Apple should not play with the emotions of its users.

The funny thing is - Apple knows that all these cries and whines are not going to hamper their sales one bit. Because despite all their displeasure, people always go on and buy Apple’s products because of them being a status symbol, as well as the value for money they provide in terms of security features.
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