Google is testing an updated UI to display question mark icons on 'People Also Ask' section

According to recent reports, Google is testing a new question mark icon in the People Also Ask (PAA) section. However, Google has not confirmed anything about this development. Yet, Brian Freiesleben, has shared a screenshot stating that Google is testing a new feature of the question mark icon on the People Also Ask section. He further claims that it seems catchy, and he is waiting for this icon to roll over soon, even on the FAQs section.

It is important to note here that Google's PAA section in SERP answers the user's questions by reducing the load on the search engine. However, all the answers are from the trusted web pages, and Google also provides the link to that.

PAA boxes can appear in any position on the main page and any format. These questions are infinite and all relatable to any given searched topic. PAA section is a kind of direct answer to your queries and saves your time. However, this feature sometimes becomes difficult to track as it can appear anywhere on the page, depending on your device interface. So, Google is planning to toll over this feature to highlight the People also ask section on the main web page. You will still be able to access the direct answers without typing in the long questions. Yet, this planned feature of the question mark icon on PAA can change the outlook.

As a reminder, Google has not yet confirmed it, and we only got to know this through users observations. Therefore, nothing can be said related to it before Google comes on the ground to assure. So, for now, let’s wait for the next update to get to know what Google is up to or what new update Google is planning to launch.

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