Along with providing Joyful content for its user, TikTok has also brought many communities together in the year 2020, According to its Executive

TikTok is known for its short-form video format on the platform. This app is growing very fast in the whole world that even non-tech savvy kids or elders can found something interesting for them. People are finding a lot of uses of this app, in the lockdown situation, they were getting bored of staying at home, which cut off their connections with society. TikTok brings together a wide range of users from different communities. Whether a person is elder or small, rich or poor, having the same religion or not is involved in making its society.

TikTok has also transformed pop culture in the last six months. The TikTok executive Blake Chandlee has said in an interview that their mission is to bring the community together by making good and thrilling content. The executive was personally inspired by the content on the app. TikTok has also tried in the pandemic situation to stop the misinformation about the vaccine of COVID-19. One of the most interesting facts about TikTok is this app is used by every single person whether living in a town, city, or a village. They make different kinds and categories of content, which includes education, entertainment, cooking, and sports, etc. TikTok has amazing numbers of creators from all over the world who tell their stories, show their traveling videos, sceneries, and landscapes, which grabs a lot more audience on this platform.

In short, this platform has a wide range of content that whether a teen of 13 years age or a 60-year-old person using this app will find content according to its choice. Further, he told in an interview that how this app brought together different families from all over the world in a quarantine situation. What more astonishing is many teenagers are trying to reduce the gaps between generations in a way by introducing their parents and grandparents to this platform.

Chandlee further added that this platform has also added a large amount of social issues related content in different countries. The team of TikTok is trying its best to remove the fake news and misinformation from their content. According to him, they have the smartest and most intelligent people working in TikTok, who are building the trust of people on this platform.

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