TikTok is the New Platform for Brands Who Want Their Products Reach the Ages of 13 till 35

TikTok is rather new to jump on the bandwagon for advertisement on its app compared to other giant networks like Facebook and Instagram.

TikTok is a very popular among the teenagers and young adults. Its popularity is increasing day after day and according to a survey conducted by an investment firm Cowen in December (and first reported by BI), it shows that it is a good place for advertisement and reaching out to people between the ages of 13 till 34. According to the survey, the app is doing well in brand publication responses compared to other competitors’ apps like Facebook and Instagram when it comes to the age group stated above. Even though the app is expanding in terms of its users and viewers, it managed to only gain one percent of the total budgets of the digital ad pie. However, that is also expected to double this coming year.

Considering the fact that TikTok has been new to the brand marketing platform, it was having a hard time to convince brands to give it opportunities for their publications compared to Facebook and Instagram in the past year. The company said that in order to get brands trust them with their publicity, they need to show proper metrics and analytics to the company and they will only invest properly when that company actually understands what goes on the app.

However, since the app is getting popular now and a lot of people are using the platform. Brands have started trusting the app with marketing. While Cowen’s survey showed the app was a great marketing place for brands who want their products to reach the people between the ages of 13 to 34 because this was the age group currently present on the platform it is not a great place for brand publicity for people over the age of 35 because 50 percent of the respondents from that age group declared television advertising as their top choices in purchasing products inspired through ads, followed by Facebook and then Instagram.

Here is break down of Cowen’s survey for ages 13-34 (and then 35 and above) on which applications does the following age group is more likely to purchase from your brand in case you need it. It was observed that ages 13 till 34 prefer app TikTok: 31%, YouTube/Google Video: 28%, Television: 16%, Instagram: 10%, Other: 8%, Facebook: 6%, Snapchat: 1%, Twitter: 0%.

While the apps preferred for ages 35 and above and there purchase percent were Television: 50%, Facebook: 30%, Instagram: 14%, Other: 5%, YouTube/Google Video: 1%, Snapchat: 0%, Twitter: 0%, TikTok: 0%.

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