AV-Test Analyzes Which Antivirus Tools Are Best for Businesses

The AV TEST performed a testing to evaluate the best working antivirus software for business users for their Android devices.

If you are not aware of what is an AV Test, let us give you an insight. AV Test is an organization that ranks antivirus and security suite and software for several operating systems, according to a variety of criteria. This time they evaluated which Android antivirus software are best for business users.

The world is technology and almost everything that revolves around in our lives is stored in the tiny device (with not so tiny functions) that we carry around in our pockets or hold in the palm of our hands. For business owners it is a very important gadget that stores a lot of business contacts and important stuff for them and if their data corrupts it can be a huge loss for them. In order to avoid this, AV Test has conducted an analysis which will let you know what is the best working antivirus software for you.

In November/December 2020, AV Test experimented on four antivirus software’s from four different companies. The anti-viruses were tested on their latest version and were based on the settings the company itself referred. The software’s were set on auto updates as to query there in cloud services. The test was performed to know the performance, malware detection, usability and false positives. The top four antivirus software picks on which the test was performed were: End Point Security 2.9 by Eset, Play Protect 22.7 by Google, Intercept X for Mobile 9.6 by SOPHOS and SEP Mobile 4.4 by Symantec. The criteria on which this four software’s were judged were Certified as in whether they had a certification test from AV, Protection, Performance and Usability from the rating of 6. While the software’s from Eset, SOPHOS and Symantec all were certified and showed a 6 on 6 marking in the categories of Protection, Performance and Usability the software from Google did not show very positive results. Firstly, it did not hold any certification and its rating was 0 in protection and 2 in usability while the only positive outcome was a rate 6 in performance.

This test will definitely help a lot of phone owners running businesses in knowing which antivirus software is the best in protecting their data and securing their businesses and it is great that companies like AV test make it their business to test such stuff for the public.

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