TikTok Tops 2020's Most Downloaded List, To Absolutely No One's Surprise

In a completely expected turn of events, the online video-sharing and social media app TikTok was declared as the most downloaded app of 2020 by the App Annie charts of 2020.

App Annie, for our unfamiliar readers, is an company based around providing analytical research about applications. The company gives out all sorts of market metrics, such as revenues, ratings, demographics, and as we shall talk about today, downloads. As almost every online platform in existence cracks their knuckles and starts churning out a review of 2020, App Annie too has jumped the bandwagon and released a report of mobile applications for this year. This analysis, while going over lost of different market-related details, featured a top apps of the year list. There were a few interesting entries other than TikTok in the list as well, which we'll now delve into.

TikTok's rise to the level it's at right now was almost unprecedented by anyone. But 2020 has been both a year of massive success and rising tensions for the app. First, let's delve into the good. With more and more people staying inside, schools and colleges relying on online education, the youth of the world was essentially grounded for months with no alternative method of meeting friends and doing any outdoors activity. With TikTok's already blossoming popularity with the aforementioned youth in mind, the app was in a prime position for ripening. The app was also ranked 2nd by Annie in the category of consumer spend (surprisingly, Tinder took first place despite social isolation being a significant part of 2020).

However, 2020 wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for TikTok, as it spent most of the year coming under heavy fire from governments across the world. The app was banned in India, and still remains as such. It was also banned in Pakistan, only to have that ban be lifted after a minor public outcry. The United States of America's former president, Donald Trump tried launching a heave anti-TikTok campaign to have the app closed down for any American usage. While a ban never passed through, it still spells troubling news for the developers of TikTok, as well as raises questions about the safety of our data in the hands on the application.

Finally, other noteworthy inclusions were comprised of Zoom, which shot up more than 200 spots from being unrecognizable to being the fourth most downloaded app of the year. Facebook too has had a good year. Despite the loss of most downloaded app, it held a firm grasp over most monthly active users. Other than Facebook holding first place in this category, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place were held by WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram; all Facebook subsidiaries.

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