Microsoft is upgrading its Microsoft Defender for Endpoint from Semi (requiring any approval for remediation) to Full (which will remediate threats automatically)

Microsoft has antivirus software developed that is designed to protect the Windows running in computers. The antivirus software is called Microsoft Defender. The purpose of this antivirus software is to detect any type of virus and malware that can cause harm and remove it in order to protect the system from malfunctioning.

In order to enhance their customers’ security and protection, Microsoft recently announced on its Security and Compliance blog that they are changing their default automation level of their Microsoft Defender for end point customers to remediate threats automatically (Full) and not require any approval for remediation (Semi). Now what exactly is Microsoft Defender for Endpoint? This is basically used by enterprise networks in order to have a security platform that is specifically designed to help prevent future threats and also be able to plan and execute against them.

The system which was previously set to Semi-Require approval for remediation would first get an alert, when getting the alert to take some precaution, the system would first have to wait, and the action would only prevail when an outside source would allow it i.e. manually. The security team would connect to the machine and then only the system would be prevented from any future harm, but with this advancement to the setting. After receiving an alert, the Microsoft Defender would automatically start looking into the area from where the security alert was detected, this would also include looking into every suspicious files and areas that can be a reason for that alert, after that its next step would be to fully scan that part from where the alert was generated. For every harmful thing that gets discovered by the Microsoft Defender, it would generate an action plan and carry it out automatically without any help from the outside source.

So in short, these actions are fully based on the device’s automation level, as set by their consumer. Any action generated would be approved and performed automatically if it is set to ’Full’, and if it is set to ‘Semi’, then the planned action would first have to wait in order to get their plan approved from an outside source which would of course cause one to lose precious time. The Public Preview version of Microsoft defender for endpoint would automatically get this recent update.

With these many advantages, the customers opting for automatic approval of remediation actions would be able to avail this from February 16, 2021.

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