Twitter is still improving its upcoming Clubhouse-style voice notes feature AKA Audio Spaces

Claiming itself to be a platform that makes you aware of what is happening in the world through its trending feature - Twitter is continuing to gain strong grounds in the social media market. Be it the news related to politics, sports, new music videos, or development to the current apps; Twitter has always worked to make it easy for its users to Tweet about what they are thinking about a certain topic. The micro-blogging platform is testing a feature similar to the Clubhouse voice chat app, which would hopefully result in gaining more audience and users in the competitive social networking space.

App researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, revealed that Audio Spaces will be using Periscope as backend tech. Similarly, users would be able to control who can speak in the middel of the Audio Spaces, along with reaction and reporting options. Wong also explained that Twitter's Audio Spaces will offer Transcription feature, probably similar to YouTube's video transcription.

To let know if this feature proves to be effective or not; Twitter will not make this update available to all users at once. The company believes that testing this feature on those whose feedback is worth it and substantial will help it in bringing further updates to the app.

Maya Gold Patterson; who is a product designer at Twitter, reported while briefing about the feature that: getting the safety right and making people enjoy while using it is Twitter's priority. She further added that the group of people on whom this feature will be tested initially will include especially the women harmed or abused by this platform. Women belonging to the neglected background will also be a part of this campaign.

The rolling out “space” option by Twitter will not only permit the users to create an audio-only room for their friends and connected members to join but they can also participate simultaneously. While an audio meeting would be in progress: the moderator’s “Fleets bubble” option of audio-meeting will be highlighted in the purple icon.

You will be able to see on Twitter spaces or rooms; who is the participant and who is talking currently. The company further announced that to minimize the harassment and other violent acts: the upcoming features will be assisted with various tools to let the users have better control over the conversations. Only the video-meeting initiator would have the control to allow the participants: to let in the conversation and remove them too. By posting a public Tweet and also by sending direct messages, more individuals can be invited to participate in the conversation.

Earlier this month; Twitter has officially launched a feature called “Fleets” which would allow users to share more content on their stories which would be visible for up to 24 hours. Now, after realizing the importance of live video conversations Twitter is launching the video-spaces soon.

Currently making this feature available to iOS users, Twitter will allow the Tweets on the iPhone to add a voice note too through the button: which is located right after the option of adding photos. The time duration of the voice message is limited to 140 seconds.

Despite the utmost efforts, Twitter is putting in to make it a safe place for users to share ideas, it will still be criticized by competing companies for not being able to minimize the harassment risks.

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