Twitter Makes Changes to Web App Navigation Bar, Removes Lists Section

Twitter’s streamlining of its platform has been several months in the making, and their focus on connecting users with as much content as possible has been particularly prominent. While a lot of changes have already come to the smartphone apps that the social media platform currently provides, the web version that people might end up using on a desktop has not seen many major changes recently. Now, however, as reported by Jane Manchun Wong, a change has finally come that might help bring the web app in line with the smartphone apps for Twitter that quite a few people use on a regular basis.

This change that we are speaking of has to do with the navigation bar that you would find on the left if you were using the Twitter web app for desktop. Whereas previously you had a section in the navigation bar called “Lists” which basically allowed you to access lists of tweets and users that you find interesting that you might have compiled over the course of your usage of the site, now you would have two different sections that provide more of a focus on finding content on the platform that pertains to your interests.

One such section is the new “topics” section, wherein you can select topics that are of interest to you and find tweets that pertain to said topics. This can help you find content that you actually desire a lot more easily than might have been the case otherwise. Another section that looks brand new is the “connect” section, and it is basically meant to make it so that you can get in touch with people that might share the same interests as you. It can often be difficult for people on Twitter to actually connect with one another in any meaningful way, so these updates are important.

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