3D Pictures Called Nerfies Might Be the Next Generation of Selfies

Pretty much everyone out there has taken a selfie at some point or another. The age of social media has made it particularly important for people to look into the various ways in which they can end up showing other people how they look, and selfies are some of the most popular posts that people end up making on the various social media platforms that are out there. While you might think that selfies are about as advanced as they are ever going to be, pretty much anything can be improved and changed and researchers at the University of Washington in collaboration with Google Research might just have invented the next generation of selfies.

These are 3D images known as Nerfies. This name is based on NeRF which his short for Neural Radiance Field which is the method by which these 3D images are taken. The process is quite simple. All that you would need to do is record a video of yourself from as many angles as possible. This would then be turned into an image that people can actually explore. They would be able to get a closer look at the room that you are in and notice all of the details that they might have otherwise missed out on.

3D pictures are by no means new. Apple has included LiDAR technology in its latest phones to try and make it so that 3D picture can be taken. However, most people can’t afford these phones which is why this technology is so prominent. It can have an enormous impact on the content creation industry as well. Any kind of visual image capturing mechanism has a lot of implications in the world of art, and there are plenty of scientific uses for this technology as well.

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