From now on everyone will be able to use the fleet feature of Twitter

Twitter recently launched a new stories feature "Fleet", this feature allows its user to post ephemeral content which will be lasting for 24 hours. This feature will let users to post more casual and daily routine content that will help reduce pressure regarding tweeting.

Every mobile regardless of its brand and platform will be able to use this new feature that is located on the top of the story timeline. Based on the company's statement this feature of Twitter is now available on both Android and iOS.

Design director Joshua Harris and product manager Sam Haveson explains that people who use this feature help having more conversation from them who do not use this feature, the fleet also make people more comfortable in sharing their thoughts and feelings.

One could say by using fleets that this feature is very much like the stories we share on Instagram. People could use and respond to other people's fleet, in the same manner, they do on Instagram. Twitter said soon the company would introduce a sticker option to this ephemeral feature.

Twitter says that this new feature does not notify the user if anyone has taken a screenshot of their fleet and only the person who follows you will be able to have assess to the fleet of the other person. So this feature does not provide a solution for the problem of people making fun of other people's action and is certainly not the remedy for all the issues related to social media to target any individual's content and posts because people can tweet about someone from the screenshots taken from their fleets.

The only thing that is aided by this feature is to reduce traffic from mainstream tweeting into a more digestible format by using this platform. Twitter is still in dire need to do some modifications to the rules which combat against the cases of harassment or misinformation via Fleets.

On the contrary, most people may use the fleet feature just to post some random content about their lives and posts that are not so formal and could be used just for fun purposes. This may resemble the stories and type of stuff people post on Instagram stories where people only post stuff for the basic purpose of engaging themselves with other people and can post content that is not worthy to be framed and put on their walls of social media.

This feature which is now released by Twitter has been in the market of social media for more than a decade by Snapchat. The content that is posted in these short-lived stories exists for a while and then later turns into a ghost town.

It can be observed that this feature is not necessarily important and mandatory for every social media platform but if introducing such a feature leads to healthier communication between individuals then there is no harm in using it.

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