Google Photos came up with its own collages feature to revive your memories

Collages are one of the unique of re-creating throwbacks. There was a time when app developers were mainly focusing on launching collage editors. Collage makers were trending on Google Play store. It became a trend that almost every big platform like Google and Instagram came up with.

Google introduces the idea of Google photos which allow users to back up their photos and videos in one single app. It features highlights that are constantly showing at the top of the photos just like Instagram stories. It beautifully flashbacks all the memories that you tend to forget. It gives us a chance to kind of relive that particular moment.

At first, Google Photos just display throwback photos that used to pop up at the top of the screen in recent highlights. After that, they came up with the idea of collage and four to five photos of the same event were then collectively appearing in readymade collages replacing the old style.

In a recent update, Google photos introduce another unique way of displaying your throwback memories. Now, the company is planning to modify those collages that used to show up featuring multiple images to collage with the doodled background. With this update, you do not need to put extra effort and create collages using any other tool. Google photos will provide presentable collages to directly upload on social media.

Google Photos tweeted that these new designs will inspire you to remember those memories in very exciting ways. These collages are with doodled background and will be available automatically in Recent Highlights (AKA year end rewind) for you to just share them in few taps without doing any hassle.

Every time, there will a new design available automatically in recent highlights. But this new feature is limited in the way that it will appear on its own, you cannot choose images and create your collage on Google photos with the doodled background. Unfortunately, you will get a common version of a simple collage with white borders and frames separating images.

Make sure to update the version of Google photos to avail this new feature as these doodle-y collages will only show if the app is updated from user side. To relive your memories in fun and exciting ways, you can download the latest version of Google photos from the Google Play Store.

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