Samsung to Copy Apple's Worst Idea?

Samsung and Apple are both direct competitors and are often found looking at what the other is developing – with the aim of doing the same at one point.

For example, Samsung mocked Apple for launching its flagship devices without a charger and headphones. It even launched a powerful marketing campaign based on the idea. However, it seems that now Samsung is getting ready to copy and ship its next set of phones with the same idea – just like Apple has already done with the iPhone 12.

The revelation was made by Tecnoblog who said that the upcoming Galaxy S21 would follow the same protocol. At a first glance, it does look like Galaxy S21 would come without accessories. However, we can anticipate the makers to send at least some accessories with the top-of-the-line models.

As of yet, Samsung has not made any announcement regarding the new approach. So for now, just take everything with a healthy dose of skepticism and wait for the official launch.

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