Google adds knowledge panels to search, the accurate and timely details about COVID-19 vaccines

Every new day brings new cases of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to which people are bound to stay at home. So far, all the records have been broken. According to a report, around 70 million Coronavirus cases have been reported all over the world, and there are more than 1.5 million deaths so far. However, more than 49 million people have been recovered from this deadliest virus.

What more alarming is people do not have accurate and updated details about the precautions of COVID-19 and its vaccines. There is the good news that the vaccine for this deadliest virus is coming soon. Hopefully, this vaccine will help to stop this disease to a great extent. According to Google, people are given misinformation about this vaccine.

Therefore, Google has made a big announcement that it will put in front of the latest details about COVID-19 vaccines to stop the spreading of misinformation. This is a big initiative of Google to bring trustworthy information and this will make the search easier. Google stated that it will not only surface the list of authorized vaccines but also it will make the panel about every individual vaccine.

According to Google, this feature has been firstly launched in the UK. Google gave the latest information earlier this month in its panel search about the latest vaccines produced by Pfizer, BioNTech, and Fosun Pharma. Google says that this feature will roll out to other countries and regions as local health authorities authorize their vaccines. The panel search of Google will have two tabs, one will give the overview of the authorized vaccine that will appear above top stories and links to national resources, just like government websites. The second section will organize the news related to the vaccine.

Google has been working to provide quality information and resources to help keep people safe, and to provide public health, scientists, and medical professionals with tools to fight against this pandemic. Recently, the Google News Initiative is providing an additional 1.5 million dollars to finance the creation of a Vaccine Media Hub and support new fact-checking research led by the Australian Science Media Centre.

Google further stated that we have long-standing policies prohibiting harmful and misleading medical or health-related content. We are working hard to bring trusted information to everyone and to stop the fake conspiracy theories and untrusted information about the COVID-19 vaccines.

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