Google has recently added a like reactions feature on Messages web version, and it is breaking the internet

Google has launched a new feature for all of its messaging applications some time back, which proves to be one of the best features of all. Through this rolled out feature, users can react to the messages either in private or in group chats. It enables you to respond to a text if you do not want to type a long text for replying or even want to end the chat whatever you want to do. With this, everyone can now respond by reacting to everyone.

However, you have to choose the emoji from an in-line that includes a total of seven emojis. That is, thumbs up, thumbs down, angry face, sad, wow/surprised, laugh out loud with tears, and heart eyes.

As a reminder, this reaction feature is already available for Android users on web messaging applications or RCS chats. Now, it will also be available on the Google messaging applications.

This feature can save time and provide comfort by restraining the hectic of typing long messages or replying with a new message every time. As soon as you install the google web message application or you are already a user, in either case, you will get two different icons. These are emoji icons and a three colons icon from where you can get several options related to delete it or any other.

It goes the same for both the private chats and group chats. Similarly, it is also available on your messages for others and of others for you. Yet, unfortunately, you can not react two times on a single message as the second reaction will take the place of the first one, overriding it.

The plus point is you do not need to update applications or anything, you can avail of this i-message like reactions feature, and it is enabled for both the iOS and Android users globally. Solely open the application and try out this feature for your comfort along with fun.

Whether you are using a google messaging application on mobile or a web messaging app, if it has RCS features enabled, you can avail of this best latest feature of i- message-like reactions. By hovering next to any message, you can enjoy this feature by clicking on the emoji icon, which lies along with the three colons icon.

According to the reports, Google messaging applications can also get the support of end-to-end encryption and will soon be available for all the users. So, even if you have not got it. Do not worry as you will get it after some time for sure.

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