Google Chrome for Android brings a new set of menu icons

Google has always kept its mobile version of Chrome minimal to keep the viewer’s focus on the available web content. However, it is planning to bring some tweaks to the features and add some more options to the menu.

In the new and upcoming versions the menu marked with the three vertical dots will now feature icons next to each item. The symbols are pretty common and include icons for Incognito, Bookmarks, etc. the additions do make the list longer – but is not even more glanceable and helps distinguish the common controls.

When it comes to the visuals, Chrome has added a visual tweak to the top of the menu where the four core action buttons – the forward/back, bookmark, download, and info are displayed. After the changes, these buttons will be set against a different background – the row will be lighter when night mode is enabled and darker with the light theme.

The newly updated menu for Chrome Android is rolling out through a server-side update today. It will be available on the latest version 87. To get the tweaked menu with icons on your mobile, simply go to the system App info screen for the Chrome browser and press Force Stop. After reopening the app, you will see the full list of icons on your browser too.

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