Google is globally rolling out its game-changing RCS feature for its Messages app and is also working on making the conversations end-to-end encrypted

There is hardly anyone in this world who has never sent or received a text message via SMS. It is an inbuilt service that almost all phones provide. But we all know that these short messages have some restrictions which we are not used to because of other rich-messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Signal, etc. There is no read receipt for an SMS, neither we can send stickers or emojis as such. Even media sharing is not possible. So, the cell phone industry developed another technology called Rich Communication Services or RCS. It mainly came in Android phones and Google introduced this service in limited countries on its Android Messages app. However, recently Google has made an interesting announcement that RCS is going to be implemented all over the world now, for all Android phones.

RCS protocol works over Wi-Fi connectivity, and it provides users a very interesting and ‘rich’ communication experience on Android devices via Google Messages. It allows users to have group chats, video and audio calls, a read-receipt for messages, a high definition quality of images and videos, and a lot more features that we see in iMessage, WhatsApp, or Signal messaging apps.

Google had rolled out the RCS protocol for its Messages app for a limited number of countries, including the UK, Mexico, and France. But now, Google has made an announcement recently. The RCS protocol is going to be available for all the Android users who use Google’s Messages app as their primary messaging service. The RCS protocol is going to be a permanent feature of Google’s Messages app until the user either change the settings or chooses to use the normal SMS/MMS in the phone.

Apart from this, Google has announced to make this RCS protocol and chat completely end-to-end encrypted just like we have this security protocol in WhatsApp and Signal apps.

Google is going to roll out the end-to-end encryption for RCS chat in beta versions of its Messages app somewhere around December 2020. It looks like this feature will be available for a limited number of beta-testers for a while. It will probably be launched on a wider scale in 2021. Let us wait and see how the features turn out to be once they are officially rolled out in the stable versions of the Messages app by Google.

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