Google Messages seems to be working on the opportunity for users to schedule messages to be sent at a specific date and time

Google Messages has been trying different features to set it apart from other messaging services and apps. Back in 2019, Google introduced Rich Communication Services (RCS) protocol to its Google Messages and since then, the service is trying to enhance its exclusive features in every way possible. The RCS chat features on Android phones make them comparable to Apple’s iMessage service. Basically, RCS chats incorporate a lot of features of iMessage and they make Google Messages a perfect service of choice, only that of course, it is not perfect!

However, this situation may change now.

Recently, it has been reported by several sources that Google Messages is working on the option to allow the users to schedule their messages, i.e. set a date and time to send their messages to their contacts.

A user Sai Reddy has shared that Google has now started rolling out this feature for a limited number of people out there.

According to Sai Reddy, the scheduling of messages is quite simple. All you need to do is to type a message in the draft, and then hold the ‘send’ button until a window pops up in front of you. This window will give you the options for scheduling your message for sending it on preset, default times like ‘Later Today,’ or ‘Later Tonight,’ or ‘Tomorrow.’ But, if you do not want to use these preset default options, you can tap into the last option to ‘Select date and time.’

From there on, you can put any date and any time and schedule your message for sending.

You can also change your message content, date, time later, and if you change your mind altogether, you can even delete the message without any problem.

Another important update is that previously, holding the ‘send’ button for SMS/MMS services used to open up a menu through which the users could add a subject line in their MMS. Now, this functionality has changed a bit and we will be seeing a ‘three-dotted’ menu in the top-right corner. Tapping into this menu can lead us to options like ‘Show subject field.’

It appears that Google Messages has rolled out the feature for a very limited number of people in select regions on beta program. But it is not known yet as to which version of Google Messages are these people using to experience these changes.

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