Pay To Play: Facebook Workplace Will No Longer Be Free From 2021

Throughout the COVID-19, while a lot of businesses have struggled to keep up, it was internal networking platforms that gained the momentum. Companies owning such systems earned massive profits and even to date, more and more people are continuing to work from home - at least till the pandemic is completely over.

One beneficiary of this situation has been Facebook Workplace, an enterprise network system by the leading social media giant that offers Facebook-like tools for internal collaborations.

Workplace saw the users' ratio going up from three million paid users in October of 2019 to five million during May 2020. And cashing onto that, Facebook even introduced video chat rooms, groups, and the option to connect with Portal home devices, all aimed to make the collaborations better when managing teams working from home.

However, with that being said, Facebook now has come up with rather a surprising announcement of removing the free access option, which they previously offered to boost up the usage of the Workplace.

The reason behind this move, as explained by the company, is to maintain the high-quality product experience which people now expect from Workplace. So, with effect from February 2021, Workplace Essential will no longer be free.

In the meanwhile, Facebook is also going to push all of the businesses that have subscribed to the Essential plan to shift to the paid options. After all, the company knows that if an organization has started to rely on the platform, there are chances that they won’t go anywhere else unless the price is too much to afford.

Moreover, if any business decides to upgrade their plan before the deadline, Facebook will offer additional features like Insights, Single-Sign-On, and also Live Chat support as a gift.

On the other hand, if any business doesn’t want to make the switch then Facebook will also help system admins in downloading their Workplace data so organizations can secure their internal information well in time.

For the future prospect of Workplace, Facebook is also working on features like employee wellbeing tools, improved live video options, and more.

All in all, Mark Zuckerberg and his team want you to make the switch if you want to achieve goals with ease in times to come which of course will be all about the work from home culture. And if successful, this will also help Facebook in building another key product in its ever-expanding empire.

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