YouTube’s annual Rewind celebration will not happen this year because 2020 has been different

YouTube started a tradition in 2010 which goes by the name, ‘YouTube Rewind.’ At the end of each year, through YouTube Rewind, the platform gives tribute to the creators and various people who used the platform and gave rise to various trends and key moments. For a couple of years, Rewind had become somewhat of a joking matter for most of the creator community. In fact, in 2018, the Rewind video was one of the most disliked videos on YouTube. But the intention and thought behind the annual celebration were still worthy of praise and YouTube never thought to give up on the idea of bringing Rewind every year. But 2020 has been truly different. The year was extremely difficult because of the coronavirus pandemic, and now, YouTube has decided to cancel its annual ritual, Rewind too.

The company says that they acknowledge the fact of how hard this year was on all of us. Emotionally, mentally, physically, we all are drained. The pandemic began in January 2020, and we are almost at the end of this year, and the pandemic is still there, hampering our lives and affecting us in all possible ways.

During global lockdowns when the stay-at-home measures were implemented, people resorted to various mobile apps for their work, study, information, and entertainment purposes. Amongst the top-most used apps, YouTube makes it to the charts. People started watching more videos on YouTube, which prompted creators to come up with more interesting and engaging content for the audience. This boosts their reach and how-to videos and content centering around ‘With me’ like join in for a workout with me, or study with me, etc. became exceptionally popular across the platform.

YouTube acknowledges all the effort of the creator community to help uplift the moods of people through their content, help them learn new skills, and make a bad year slightly better with all the entertainment they could provide. Even live-streaming became really popular, and now with YouTube Shorts, anyone can create short videos like TikTok and post.

Despite all the acknowledgment, YouTube thinks that we cannot continue moving on pretending that this year never happened. So, just for the sake of it, the platform has decided to cancel Rewind this year. The company did not say anything about whether Rewind will come next year or not. Perhaps, the uncertainty of the future has jolted YouTube even, and they are also reluctant to make any plans now in fear of what will happen if 2021 turns out to be worse than 2020, God forbid! We can only hope that all the upcoming years are better for all of us and 2020 just goes down in the history of the world as the worst possible year!

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