Microsoft Windows 10 can now run several Android apps at once by using the Your Phone app

In the recent announcement from Microsoft, the company has stated that the customers of Windows 10 will now be able to launch and interact with several different Android apps directly from their computer's desktop with their devices which have the latest insider build.

In August there was an announcement by Microsoft according to that Samsung devices would support streaming and using Android apps on Windows 10.

Three months ago, after the feature's initial announcement, the Windows Insider team later had another announcement regarding the support they have added for several Android apps to run at the same time on Windows 10 PCs.

In an event, Microsoft says that customers would be able to experience this update by running consecutively number of Android mobile apps together on their Windows 10 PCs which is supported by Samsung devices.

In another announcement, it was mentioned that even though the apps in the mobile are not open but users can still interact with several different apps side by side as the apps are launched in separate windows.

This feature which enables the user to use multi-apps in their mobile phone was launched on November 5 to all the supported Samsung devices with its link to windows integration running Android 10.

The devices of Samsung running Android 11 are rolled out as compatible devices if these have LTW integration and these devices are also enrolled in the Beta program of Samsung OneUI 3.0.

Your Phone app on any computer which has Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20257 running in it can operate with many different Android apps together in its latest version.

For a user to avail of this service owning Samsung Galaxy will first have to link Windows 10 of their operating system with their device by using the Your Phone app, this will enable users to have several Android apps on their desktop.

User to have excess to the list of the apps available on the device have to firstly tap on the Link to Windows button on their Android phone this will cause the list of apps to appear on the display in the Windows 10 Your Phone app.

After all, these apps will be displayed on their window which are launched from Android devices that are running side by side on the Windows 10 desktop.

Even though this feature allows all the apps on Android to work but Microsoft still warns its user that some app may not permit their content to be viewed on different device screens.

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