YouTube Rewind 2019 Becomes This Year's Most Disliked Video

Everyone remembers YouTube Rewind 2018 as being one of the most spectacular misfires in the history of the company, so much so that it ended up becoming the single most disliked video on the platform. This was a huge embarrassment for the company, with users criticizing it for ignoring big name YouTube creators in favor of mainstream celebrities like Will Smith, as well as failing to recognize some of the most pivotal moments that occurred on YouTube over the course of 2018.

With 2019 drawing to a close, the time had come for a new Rewind video, and it’s fair to say that YouTube was wary of upsetting its community yet again. In order to prevent any further controversy, the company played it safe by offering a Rewind video that mentioned a lot of statistics about some of the biggest creators on the platform as well as how many videos major videos got, along with addressing the controversy surrounding last year’s rewind. In spite of the very safe approach the company has once again caught quite a bit of flak for a wide variety of reasons.

A lot of people have criticized the stats heavy video as missing the spirit of YouTube, something that has a lot more than stats to it. It was also considered a non effort by many people who criticized it as being boring, lifeless and a cop out. Many also considered the video to be pretty pointless, so much so that they would have been perfectly fine with there being no rewind video at all this year instead of one that was so bland and boring.

Statistically, 2019's Rewind video (with 6.73 million dislikes, as of writing this post) is ranking as the most disliked video of this year, while third most disliked video globally.

These are the most disliked videos on YouTube in 2019

It’s fair to say that YouTube has taken yet another misstep, and the company will have to wait a whole year before they can even attempt to right this wrong.

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