YouTube Now Has a Section Where You Can See Premium Benefits You’ve Enjoyed

There are a few things that many users just don’t like all that much about YouTube, and the two biggest issues that people often end up facing has to do with an excess of ads on the platform as well as the fact that you can’t really play videos in the background while you are doing other things all in all. Because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up making users not want to keep using YouTube in the first place, the video streaming platform has tried to save face by offering YouTube Premium that users can try and take advantage of.

YouTube really wants Premium users to see the benefits that they are getting, probably because of the fact that a lot of users are abandoning premium since they don’t really get all that much out of it right now, which is why a new section has been created for Premium users. Users can go to this section to see what benefits they have managed to obtain so far, from hours of videos they have watched without any ads to how many hours they have had playing in the background along with YouTube music statistics and the like.

These stats are pretty significant, but they also indicate that YouTube might just be struggling to sell its premium package to various users that might be interested in taking advantage of it. Whether or not these statistics make any kind of a difference remains to be seen, but suffice it to say that YouTube is trying quite hard to make Premium work and if it doesn’t then this could result in a huge shakeup of the world’s biggest video streaming platform at this current point in time.


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