YouTube experiments with a nifty skimming feature to save viewers and creators time

Soon automatic video chapters will save your time when watching a longer YouTube video. If you have caught yourself wasting your time over a long video just to see a small part of the video, then you will love this new feature.

YouTube is regularly experimenting for core features to become part of the wholesale video sharing site. For creators, Chapters have been a major component but it needs to be added manually in the video description. But for now, your precious time can be saved as YouTube is testing the auto-generated video chapters only for selected videos.

The Video chapter includes timestamps that are added by the creators in their videos. This feature enables the viewers to quickly skip forward to a particular part of the video or to re-view a portion of the video. But now with the latest update, there is no need to add it manually.

Video chapter launched in the beginning of 2020 and was available for mobile phones. This latest trial will automatically add video chapters in the videos. So, creators don’t have to do extra efforts to add it separately.

YouTube team said that it's testing automatically inserting video chapters (so editors don’t have to waste their time while adding timestamps manually) as YouTube wanted to make it easier for the people to access video chapters. With the help of machine learning, YouTube can recognize text in order to automatically generate video chapters. Currently, YouTube test this out with a specific group of videos.

If the video has auto-generated chapters, then no timestamps will be included in the video description.

So far, we haven’t seen any YouTube video with auto-generated chapters, so make sure to let us know in the comment section about how it looks and how much reliable it seems to be whenever you came across them.

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