Streaming Hackers can be tracked by Amazon’s new Anti-Piracy technology

Keeping in view of these streaming hacker’s threats, Amazon has patented a new anti-piracy technology which will leave no space for the hackers who frequently upload and use other’s copyrighted content to hide.

This technology will add different personally identifiable tags or markers to streaming videos. These tags will be unique and will be attached to the metadata of the file. So, when a ‘content thief’ will stream this content from a specific device on a specific network, these tags or markers will keep adding until a whole sequence is formed. This specific sequence can be traced easily through its source of the original leak.

So, what makes this launch different is its inexpensive way to catch the person who tries to copy videos and TV shows mainly. Therefore, Amazon is very confident about this patent because it is believed that this technology will find the people stealing the content of others. Soon after other rights holders will also get the license of this patent.

Amazon proposes to add IDs to the manifest data of these files, instead of making a code of the IDs or creating a watermark in video content. Manifest data is basically a file containing metadata for a group of similar or accompanying files that together form a single unit.

The addition of these markers to the manifest data will not only make these identifiers invisible to a human eye, but it will also make it impossible for the hackers or thieves to find them, and get a chance to either alter them or remove them completely to avoid being caught.

Of course, this solution will directly catch the individual who is responsible for the leakage of this content, and it will not distort the quality of the video content with an encoded identifier or a prominently visible watermark.

This patent will work in the favor of not only Amazon’s streaming content, but it will also be very useful in protecting live streams also. Amazon has specifically mentioned the live streams of NFL matches and the Super Bowl in its patent file.

However, these live streams that will be telecasted with personal identifiers will also carry some other information about people, including their location. Now, that is a glitch that suddenly makes this who technology into something that can invade other people’s privacy. It can be construed as a major security threat by a lot of people too.

Amazon will have to find a way to work around this technology while keeping the privacy invasion concerns at bay. It is not known whether Amazon has already started implementing the technology as yet or not, but by Amazon’s statements, it seems that for them, catching content pirates is more important than any other thing.

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