You can now check out your rented or purchased movies and TV shows by a new option on YouTube

YouTube is a widely used platform, with millions of videos being watched almost all over the world every day. It has a huge monthly and daily active user base. Many times, people watch free movies and TV shows on YouTube, but sometimes, they actually buy them or rent them to watch later. However, accessing those bought or rented movies and TV shows used to be a little handful. It used to come in the ‘Purchases’ section of the Library. But now, YouTube has rolled out a new menu option. If you go to the Library tab, you will see the option of ‘Movies and Shows’ between the sections of Downloads and Watch Later.

Once you tap on this option, you will find all the movies and shows that you have either bought or rented so far. Apart from seeing the movies and shows that you have shown interest in this section, YouTube will also show you new titles of movies and shows that you can check out, most likely based on your interests. It is just like how Netflix works. When you watch a movie or a show, or you add it to your Watch List, Netflix will start showing you suggested titles of movies and shows on the same genre, or with the same cast members that interested you in the first place.

For YouTube, it was a little hard to see all the preferred movies and shows in one place. So, it is just a small change to let users quickly and more efficiently go and check out their favorite movies and shows in one section, rather than having to search here and there for it all over their YouTube.

This latest update has rolled out and you can also see it if you download the latest version of the YouTube app. You can check it out on both APK Mirror as well as the Google Play Store.

At first, you may end up seeing none of your purchased items being displayed in this section. But if you refresh the page and pull it down from the top, you may start seeing all your purchased and rented items. This is most likely a small glitch that hopefully, Google will work on and resolve the issue within no time!

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