List of Best Electronics Companies By Fortune Shows People To Buy "Made In Asia" Items

Would you trust any electronic product that is “Made in Asia”? Well, the statistics show that majority of you would.

Looking at the top 8 producers of electronics in terms of highest annual revenues worldwide in 2019 listed by Fortune, one can clearly tell that the South Korean giant Samsung is way ahead with sales of nearly $200 billion in the respective year. The company has only one strong competitor in the electrical appliances market which again is the Foxconn Technology Group from Taiwanese Hon Hai Precision Industry as they generated sales of $173 billion in comparison to Samsung.

Surprisingly there is only one non-Asian electronics company - North Carolina manufacturer Honeywell - that stands at the 10th spot in terms of being the biggest electronics and electrical equipment companies in the world. The similar list also has one company from Europe Schneider Electric, based in France but is ranked 13th and the overall sales turned out to be nearly $30 billion.

Just like many of the previous years, the traditional manufacturing powerhouses of electronics based in Japan and South Korea continue to be on the top spots with a big lead. However, the chart also reflects some good news coming from Mainland China as well since their companies have managed to grab three of the remaining four spots in the list of 15 big electronics companies by Fortune.

People trust Asia for the electrical items of everyday use and there is also no doubt in the fact that the companies in return are releasing products that are offering unimaginable comfort to consumers.

Have a look at the infographic below to see how the Asian and other companies stand head-to-head in the world of electronics. 

H/T: Statista.

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