Hate spread on Facebook cause its employees to doubt the social netowork's agenda for being good for the world

Considering current circumstances, it has been a very challenging time for Facebook as this social platform has been confronted many times with problems regarding hate speech, misinformation, questions around regional data restrictions, management of its content moderation staff and more.

During the hour of great stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of restrictions around the world meanwhile Facebook has tried its best to carter the upcoming problems regarding the above issues.

The main problem concerning Facebook policies for implementation of new measures and systems that would combat current issues as stated above is that they are not working and not much work has been done regarding this.

According to a recent internal survey at The Social Network found that the Facebook's employees, which have a very positive perception about their company and its impact on society's well-being, even those employees have started to question the effects of Facebook on the world.

According to the report by Buzzfeed News:

[Facebook's] from the semi-annual Pulse Survey, which was conducted by more than 49,000 employees over two weeks in October, showed that the staff felt strained because of the office shutdowns, and this cause workers to lose faith about the fact that Facebook was improving the world.

It can be noticed that 51% of respondents showed that they believed Facebook had a positive impact on the world, it was down to 23 percentage points from the company's last survey in May and down to 5.5 percentage points from the same period last year.

From the drop, it is visible that even the high ranked employees of Facebook which are not only in making the policies of Facebook but also the one who knows the reason for the implementation of such policies are even questioning the motivation of Facebook.

It can be noticed from the quitting of Facebook engineer Ashok Chandwaney from the company last year because Facebook fails to address problems related to eacism, disinformation and incitements to violence.

Many other employees of Facebook quit this social platform pressing the same concerns as stated earlier by Ashok Chandwaney.

This lead to the conclusion about Facebook that this platform does not bother with dangerous and divisive hate speech but is, in fact, more interested in its growth as because of such speeches, people debate, interact, and engage more which become the cause of drawing more people to the platform.

From NBC News it was leaked that Facebook has given access to several dangerous groups that spread hate have pages with millions of followers and members. Facebook was repeatedly warned regarding such groups from the last few years but now finally Facebook had taken notice of these types of groups. The only reason that can be assumed for such delayed action against these groups is that Facebook earns its profit from the engagement of people on those hateful speeches.

On the Contrary CEO of Facebook states that his company let its users decide what is acceptable and what is not, and what is on Facebook is what people choose. Further stated by Facebook that "they do not make profit from hate".

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