This infographic illustrates how much of our personal information is taken up ‘legally’ by various apps, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and TikTok

Clario, a cybersecurity firm has recently taken a dig on the amount of information various apps gather legally about their users. We all know that none of our data online on any forum is safe. Many apps come in the limelight and face lawsuits for invasively collecting users’ data, but did you ever think about the ‘legal’ ways these apps use to track you down? And this is not the regular tracking with website cookies; this is quite elaborate!

Clario has prepared an infographic with 48 apps, including online stores, social media platforms and video streaming services, and divided the questions they ask from their users into 32 categories.

These categories are all about personal info like name, age, email, gender, marital status. Some of the dating apps like Tinder and Grindr look into sexual orientation and bank balance details too. Then, amongst these categories come questions about your mother’s maiden name, asked by CVS Pharmacy. This question is quite surprising and seemingly irrelevant, especially keeping in mind that this is one of the most occurring ‘secret questions’ that most apps and services provide while you are setting your password! Some health and fitness apps even have your weight and height saved in their database.

Now mind that all these questions are legal, and this infographic highlights how much of your data is legally being collected by these apps and sites.

Facebook’s name pops into the mind whenever personal information-related issues arise, and as per Clario too, unsurprisingly Facebook tops the list of all offenders with a good 70.59% of data that it collects from its users.

2nd inline is Facebook’s stablemate, Instagram, which collects 58.82% of users’ data. It will be foolish to think that these apps require so much of our data to give us a more personalized experience! Of course, they use it for different purposes that serve their own benefits too.

Tinder and Grindr come next in the 3rd and 4th slots with 55.88 and 52.94% of users’ data that they collect respectively.

These four apps ask the users about their pets too.

Uber app comes in the 5th slot, with around 53% of users’ data that they collect. Then comes the cycling and running app, Strava, which collects 41% of users’ information. Tesco collects around 38% of the data from the people who use it for shopping.

Spotify and MyFitnessPal come on the 8th and 9th slots with 35% of users’ data in their database. On number 13 comes our famous Netflix, which collects 26% of our data.

TikTok has been blamed quite often for intrusively collecting users’ data for which the US government imposed a ban and filed a lawsuit on the app by accusing it to be sharing the data of American users with the Chinese government. However, amongst the main offenders in this list, TikTok is way less than other American apps, with almost 14.7% of users’ data that it collects! Facebook owns WhatsApp, but it is also not that big of an offender like its parent. It takes only about 11.76% of users’ data.

Then, unsurprisingly, NHS, and other health authorities use your health-related information especially while tracking COVID-19.

Infographic courtesy of Clario.

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