Research shows YouTube's change in its recommendation algorithm has profited Fox News significantly

A recent research analyzes that YouTube has made changes in its recommendation algorithm for curbing the spread of misinformation, which has consequently aided the Fox News Channel. According to the reports, YouTube has founded misleading information regarding the 2020 elections. This misinformation concerns the peddling conspiracy in comparison of 2016 votes with the elections of 2020.

YouTube has therefore made some changes to its recommendation algorithm that has marked a significant boost to the videos of Fox News. The researchers claim that Fox News is their new, most recommended, and authoritative channel. Before this, Alex Jones's videos have been among the recommendation algorithm of YouTube in 2016.

It is important to note here that the researchers that have conducted this study also include Guillaume Chaslot, who has previously worked with Google as an engineer. The other two researchers are namely Marc Faddoul, an AI researcher, and Hany Farid, a forensic professor.

This attempt at YouTube to cease the spread of misleading information has significantly promoted the Fox news channel as per reports. New York Times has first reported about this study that the researchers have conducted to analyze the YouTube recommendation algorithm.

This year is going to be concluded with a COVID-19 pandemic and presidential elections. So the channels that are airing such type of authentic news are gaining importance. The social media analytic company SocialBlade has found out that Fox News has reached the highest viewership this year above all the other news channels. For instance, the NBC news channel has nearly 2.3 billion views on YouTube.

One of the Spokespersons has informed that several news channels have seen a significant increment in their viewership since YouTube has made the changes in its algorithm. Yet, Fox News has got the most benefit. Various news channels have noted an increment in the number of people who view their videos and the total time spent on their site.

Some reports claim that Guillaume Chaslot, who has worked for YouTube for some time before, has highlighted how YouTube selects the content for its recommendation algorithm and criticizes the one who facilitates or spread misleading or wrong information. He has a separate campaign for this for a long time now. He has highlighted that this algorithm, having a strong focus on the sensational and latest headlines. Chaslot has also used the term Clickbaitiness saying that it is also very far-reaching.

Fox News claims that this boost of their news videos is maybe because YouTube has started recommending the channels holding authority, and Fox News is one of them.

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