Samsung Becomes The Number One Smartphone Vendor For Third Quarter of 2020, Whereas Xiaomi Also Beats Apple

You may like or dislike to know but when it comes to being the world’s biggest smartphone vendor, Samsung has yet again grabbed the top spot for this quarter of 2020 and that too by beating Huawei. The company has also stunned everyone in the industry by reporting the highest quarterly revenue figures ever and according to them, the demand for Samsung’s smartphones still continues to be high.

Prior to Samsung’s win, Huawei came up as the number one vendor three months ago - all because of the strong sales that the company enjoyed in China throughout the peak months of COVID-19. However, their reign didn’t last for long as Huawei’s shipment dropped down 7 percent quarter-on-quarter and then 24 percent year-on-year as well. Now with the current reports by Counterpoint, Samsungs’ shipments have increased by 47 percent as compared to the last quarter.

There is also good news for Xiaomi fans as well as the similar report shows that the Chinese company has taken the third spot for the first time in years while beating Apple for the first time with a growth of 46 percent on a year-on-year basis. This is mostly because of how Apple’s shipments have also dropped 7 percent year-on-year in the July-September quarter as the new iPhones had October and November release dates.

Other BBK brands like Oppo, Vivo, and Realme have grabbed fifth, sixth, and seventh spots respectively.

However, different reports also show different positioning of these brands as Counterpoint has Oppo at number five, whereas IDC and Canalys have given Vivo that spot. But despite the differences in positions, the numbers are still very close. Moreover, if we were to combine the third quarter shipment of all these brands then the results are pretty much close to Samsung in the first place and may even beat Huawei as well.

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