Good News For LinkedIn Users, Now You Can Snoop On Stories Without Compromising Your Privacy

The stories feature that can be found, nowadays, on almost every social media app had finally made its way to LinkedIn this year after it was launched and made tremendously popular by Snapchat back in 2013. Over 7 years, the then-new feature was adopted by Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and even YouTube, and although it took LinkedIn some time they eventually get there and added the stories option along with a few new others when they decided to give their platform a new look.

On the Internet users value safety and keeping their info private, well, privacy is a top priority and many social media platforms have understood this and introduced some key features that allow the users to keep their info and activity private, but for a long time, people have been asking for anonymity when they perform certain activities on social media platforms. A few of these activities are viewing posts, posting comments, and viewing stories. Although users on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have been asking for the option to remain anonymous while viewing stories but it is LinkedIn who has provided users with this option.

Users can now change what they want the person who has posted the story to be able to see their profile. LinkedIn has provided users with three options. In the first and the default option the person who posts the story will be able to view their profile display picture, their name, and their headline. In the second option only their profile characteristics will be shown while in the third and last option it will be completely anonymous, i.e, nothing regarding the viewer will be shown. LinkedIn has heard the users and provided them with what they wanted.

Users can access these options by opening the “Visibility” section of their settings, further opening “Story viewing options” and selecting their preferred option.

This is a major step by LinkedIn and will be sure to drive quite a bit of traffic to their already excellent platform. These new options along with the few new features that LinkedIn introduced will make the users experience a lot more smooth and enjoyable and these changes are sure to attract more potential users to their platform, increasing LinkedIn’s popularity a fair bit and normalizing people using this platform to connect with friends to potential employers.

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