Facebook unveils a host of new features for Group admins

As Facebook Groups nears its tenth anniversary and the world reaches almost 6 months of lockdown, Facebook unveiled a boat of new features for group admins to smooth out the process of admin, member engagement and make Facebook groups a safer place for members. An estimated 1.8 billion people use Facebook Groups each month to learn about new interests, discuss political views, and find and connect with people in similar situations or with similar interests. Facebook announced the changes and new features in the Facebook Communities Summit which was hosted digitally on the first of October.

The feature announced by Facebook will allow admins more control over what is being posted in their group and to help them better organize, arrange, filter, and manage content for their community. Facebook also announced the tests of a new feature that would show related group discussions to non-group members even if they aren’t searching on Facebook, which means that relevant group discussions will be shown when people are simply surfing the web.

This new announcement that will show group discussions on web searches will allow more people who are interested in learning more about a specific topic or looking for a community of like-minded people to find what they are looking for and it will allow groups to grow and expand. This will be useful for admins through another feature that Facebook launched.

People have been worried about the spread of harmful and malicious groups on Facebook, and these new features are not exactly about controlling and deleting these types of groups Facebook has certainly made some changes and implementations to make Facebook Groups a safe environment. This week Facebook said they deleted over six and half million malicious groups. These groups propagate unrealistic and unscientific ideas that brainwash users and flood online communities with misinformation.

The main new features unveiled, however, do not revolve around these issues. They are, as mentioned before, to make groups easier to administrate. The first new feature unveiled is called “Admin Assist” this allows admins to moderate the content shared in their groups by banning certain keywords, by restricting people who have joined the group very recently from posting until they have spent a certain amount t of time in the group, and by banning posts by users whose posts have been reported in the past.

The second feature is called “New Topics”; this allows admins of multi-faceted groups to organize content using hashtags and by pinning the most trending or an important topic to the top of the group to highlight it for everyone.

The third feature is called “Branded Content for Public Groups”. Now, this feature allows admins to gain sponsorships from certain brands to be endorsed in the group. Admins will be able to use Brand Collabs Manager to connect to brands that are looking to advertise. This allows the admin to control the types of ads that can be posted on the group and have ads for products or services relevant to the topic of the group.

The fourth feature is a certification that allows admins to study a curriculum and take an exam set by Facebook that makes the admin an expert in building, growing, and supporting their community

These are all the new features that Facebook launched to make moderating groups for admins easier.

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