LinkedIn is coming up with a new makeover, some new messaging features, and introducing Stories on a global scale

LinkedIn has recently announced that it is redesigning the app and desktop looks, along with bringing in some new messaging features and introducing its Stories feature on a global level soon.

When Snapchat introduced the ephemeral, fleeting system of Stories on its platform in 2013, it became an instant hit amongst the masses. Other tech apps like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube also followed suit and brought in Stories for their platforms in different formats. Now, Pinterest is also bringing its own version of Stories called ‘Story Pins.’

LinkedIn rolled out the feature of Stories for several countries including Brazil, Australia, France, and the Netherlands a while ago. This feature allows users to post photos, videos, and any other form of content on their profile that vanishes within 24 hours. Except for Pinterest, all other social media platforms that offer the feature of Stories have the same functionality- content stays up on the user’s profile in Stories for 24 hours and then it vanishes.

After it proved to be successful in the countries mentioned above, LinkedIn is now going to launch LinkedIn Stories in the US and Canada, and soon, in all other countries too. This means that the otherwise sober, business-oriented platform is now going to allow the users some ephemeral means of content sharing for its millions of users worldwide.

LinkedIn members can use Stories to share photos and videos of their office setups in their homes in the light of the new work-from-home trend, and they can post job offers and talk about various job opportunities, or their free-time activities that may inspire others to be more productive with their time. LinkedIn Stories also asks its members a question of the day to maximize user engagement and by letting the members add local stickers to their Stories, LinkedIn seems to be trying to make its platform more lively and vibrant than before.

The director of product management at LinkedIn, Liz Li believes that Stories will provide LinkedIn members with a sense of freedom to share their lives and their daily activities more authentically.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is also working to improve its design to allow users better navigation of the site and app. Kiran Prasad, the vice president of product at LinkedIn has told that this new design will have more white space and less blue color, and it will be more simple and more modern at the same time. Also, searching for content, groups, and events through a search bar is going to become easier.

On the messaging front, LinkedIn is bringing some changes by allowing the users to select multiple messages at a time to archive or delete. Users will now be able to react to received messages with emojis, and they will also be able to delete or edit a message that has already been sent. Messenger will have icons for videoconferencing services like Zoom, BlueJeans, and others. Users can get into a videoconference call by simply tapping into any of these icon buttons.

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