LinkedIn has proved to bring relevant and valuable digital training tools for users to identify their key potentials and avail opportunities as per the latest report

LinkedIn, the business and the employment-related online platform has proved itself as a key site where professional connections are built. In recent years, it introduced important tools and features to help millions of people worldwide.

The COVID-19 pandemic will always be considered as a dark period in the history of mankind. A novel virus halted the most modern and technologically advanced nations. But it became a blessing in disguise for some businesses and industries too. It turned to be quite evolving for LinkedIn, because when millions of people were locked down at their home amidst the pandemic, LinkedIn got an opportunity to shine through their dark times.

LinkedIn’s valuable digital training tools came in handy for many people who were either out of work due to the pandemic, or who had ample amount of free time because they had nothing to do and nowhere to go. These people inadvertently turned towards the online courses that LinkedIn provides. Aside from the educational benefits, LinkedIn became the most important platform for many job seekers too. It opened various opportunities for people to get online training, make digital connections, learn fresh and more engaging business tactics, and a lot more.

Recently, LinkedIn published a report which throws light on how the platform has proved to be beneficial for millions of people in 2020. According to the CEO of LinkedIn, Ryan Roslansky, more than 10 million people learned new skills through the platforms of LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft’s education tools, and GitHub this year. People from more than 230 countries used LinkedIn’s program at, which was launched in June. The program saw a huge influx of people from the UK, France, India, America, and Canada. The most prominent courses they opted for revolved around software development, data analysis, and customer service.

LinkedIn’s Economy Graph helps the platform chalk out the skills, career opportunities, and progressions of over 700 million users on the platform. These professionals include more than 55 million companies and over 11 million job listings from all around the world. LinkedIn gives a chance to all these professionals to connect and engage through its platform and work towards advancing their careers through these millions of opportunities.

LinkedIn not only provides excellent learning and job-seeking opportunities, but it is also beneficial for marketers. Since it has become a hub where professionals from all industries come and connect, marketers can avail this chance to reach active decision-makers, and potential business leaders out of all these users. And then, they can use LinkedIn to boost their brand’s sales and promote their businesses by connecting with these people and availing different opportunities that LinkedIn keeps opening up quite often.

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