After making Google Shopping Listings free, Google is stretching its horizons and has introduced new tools for aiding SMBs

Originally, Google Shopping Lists was a paid-only service that allowed businesses to display their products. Then, back in April of this year, the listings were made free but some select paid slots still exist. The free slots were made available to US businesses but now Google is starting to make their free slots available to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Google explained that by mid-October these listings would be made free and available and searches in the shopping tab would consist primarily of free listings. This will enable sellers to connect with more customers, even if they don’t advertise with Google. This will, according to Google, will enable businesses to reach more customers as the feature will be unveiled in time for the holiday season when searches for products, peak.

Google also explained that these features were also to help SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses) recover and get back on track after suffering from the damaging effects of Coronavirus which affected countless small retailers and forced many to shut down. Google explained that they receive hundreds of millions of searches for a variety of products and if a business has a product listed, for free, on Google it could be a huge boost to their sales aiding them in recovering from the damages of Coronavirus.

Additionally, if a retailer already uses Merchant Center and Shopping ads, they’re ads will be automatically listed in the Googles Shopping tab. Google is also making the signing up process as user-friendly and smooth as possible so that new businesses do not have too much of a hard time joining the listings and launching their products and business.

Moreover, Google is also initiating Local Service ads in the UK, Spain, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Ireland. This will allow people to connect with reliable local professionals like plumbers, electricians, cleaners, or cooks. The users will be able to view all relevant information on professionals like licensing, reviews, working hours, and charges. Users can even compare and easily contact professionals. The professionals don’t even have to have a website to be able to add their listing. The professionals who pass Google’s “screening and qualification exam” have a “Google Guarantee” badge appear beside their names on the listing.

Google also unveiled “Google for Small Businesses” in the UK, France, Spain, and Italy which will give the SMBs extra advice and help for growing and managing the business. It also expanded its “Grow My Store” initiative. All of this was done to allow SMBs to recover from the damage Coronavirus did to the economy.

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