Google Search Result Study Reveals Hierarchy of Rich Results

If you have worked even a little bit in the world of SEO, you would know that rich results are more effective at producing click through rates than regular results. Hence, optimizing your web page so that it can be featured as a rich result in the top stories carousel might just guarantee that you would get a click through if you think about it, but with all of that having been said and out of the way it is important to note that there are different outcomes based on different kinds of rich results as well which was revealed in a recent study of millions of Google search results by Milestone Research.

Average click through rates for all results are 49.5%, with the rest coming from ads, voice searches as well as other forms of searches that don’t involve clicks. However, rich results have a higher than average click through rate of 58%, whereas non rich results languish at 41%. This isn’t always going to be true, though. For example, AMP results tend to get far higher click through rates in their non rich version which enjoy a massive 92% click through rate as opposed AMP articles which are rich results and have a click through rate of only 15%.

Hence, it’s not enough to just optimize a web page for the rich results carousel. A more strategic approach is required, and while most of the time rich results are going to be more successful at enticing people to click due to their more detailed summaries of the information presented within, sometimes you would want to go for non-rich results as well because of the fact that they can often have a much higher click through rate than you would have initially anticipated. FAQ rich results are a top contender, though, enjoying an excellent click through rate of 87%.

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