Google Tries to Mend Bridges With News Publishers Through Showcase

Google has changed a lot over the course of the past decade or so, and part of this change has involved making it so that people that search for news might not even have to click on the link to read the article in order to get the gist of whatever it was that the story happened to be about. This has been useful for users because of the fact that they can save time by getting their news in fewer clicks, but it has been quite a bad situation for news agencies, publishers, blogs and sites because of the fact that they are reliant on ad revenue most of the time which has made it so that people that don’t click on their links end up reading their news without earning them any money.

The news industry has turned to a wide variety of other revenue streams in order to mend this particular issue, with one example being that they are offering premium services for paid users along with going for events that can make a profit along with direct sponsorships from brands and the like. Google has realized that this is something that could prevent it from benefiting from news industries and as a result of the fact that this is the case the tech giant has introduced the Google News Showcase which it will be using to pay around 1 billion dollars to various news organizations.

This is going to help complement the income that these organizations are receiving from their ad revenue and the like. It is an olive branch of sorts as well as a way of mending the relationships that were ruined by Google’s unfavorable policies, and while it might not be enough to completely ensure that agencies start trusting Google again it is at the very least a step in the right direction.

Google News Showcase has started rolling out in Germany and Brazil and will come to other countries over time.

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