TikTok introduces three more Duet options to provide users more varieties to interact with other posts

TikTok, the popular video-sharing social media app, has added three more “Duet” options which provide users a few new ways to edit and customize their Duet clips. Duets are an option on TikTok that allow users to react to and interact with another user's video. This feature encourages and makes the interaction and engagement between users in the TikTok community easy and smooth. The role of Duets on TikTok has been just as vital to the community since before TikTok morphed from Musical.ly to what it is today. This is key evidence to the fact that Duets are a popular feature through which users express their opinions on all sorts of topics and can show their creativity and improve a clip with their abilities.

Before this update, the only custom layout that was available for users to Duet was the “Left and Right” layout which placed the users' video beside the original video. Now, users have three new layouts that they can use to react to or have fun with the original video. The “React” layout provides the users with a live stream type, picture in picture, display to express their reaction to the original clip. The “Top and Bottom” layout overlays the users recorded clip above the original clip, enabling users to perform some entertaining reactions or funny ideas while using the bottom part of the original video. The “Three Screen ''option lets even more than two users react to a clip, this feature has been most popularly used to create “chains” in which users record their takes on the most recent trends.

These new additions have been extremely popular, and a lot of users are happy to be able to use a variety of layout options when Duetting their favorite creators' posts.

TikTok released some straightforward instructions on how to access and utilize these new features. It follows the same process as before with the user hitting the “Send to…” button and then hitting the Duet button. When they're on the “Record Video” page, they can tap the “Layout” option and select their preferred layout.

These new layouts have become so popular that Facebook had picked up their idea and had their experimental NPE team design an app called “Collab” which had the main features of TikTok’s Duet option. It is rumored that the “Three Screen’’ Duet layout was inspired by Facebook’s Collab. Whether or not this is true one thing is for certain that these new features will be widely accepted and loved by users on both apps.

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