Good News! Whatsapp Is Soon Likely to Bring an Ignore Notification Feature for Archived Chats

In October 2018, a new feature called the ‘Vacation mode’ was spotted in testing by WhatsApp, later it was renamed to Ignore Archived Chats. This feature could let the users mute archived chats that would remain archived until the user unmutes them. WABetaInfo later that this feature was shelved for unknown reasons. However, now, WABetaInfo has again reported that this feature is back, and a leak suggests that WhatsApp may bring it out soon.

As per WABetaInfo’s report, WhatsApp is on its way to implementing the Vacation Mode with several changes and a new form. On the messenger, Vacation Mode will have a separate, dedicated section that will give several options to the users to choose different parameters.

If the user chooses to enable the feature, all Archived chats will move to the top of the chats. When the user taps on this cell and when the Archived Chats come in view, the user will be able to see a new button for ‘Notifications.’

When the user goes into the ‘Notifications’ option, they will be presented with two more options from which they can choose any one out. Those two options will be of ‘Notify New Messages’ and ‘Auto-hide inactive chats.’

So, if the user chooses to disable the ‘Notify New Messages’ option, they will have the vacation mode on and archived messages will continue to stay in Archived chats when the user receives new messages. This will help a lot of users who have joined several groups but are not longer interested in them, but still want them to have these groups somewhere in the app, so that they could access them occasionally as per their preferences.

If the user chooses the second option to auto-hide inactive chats, it will basically be an extension of the vacation mode and it will set the messenger in such a way that a chat older than six months will be automatically archived.

Currently, WhatsApp lets the users archive their chats, but when a new message comes, a notification pops up that lets the user know about the latest message. The Vacation Mode looks like it will give the users ability to use different options to keep their archived chats muted even if a new message comes.

This feature has been spotted by WABetaInfo on WhatsApp’s v2.20.199.8 beta for Android, which means that this feature is not present for the users who have the current beta version of WhatsApp. It is still not known when this feature will eventually come out for the masses in the stable channel, and it may not be a huge development, but the update may help many people who worry about constant notifications from messages on their WhatsApp messengers

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