Whatsapp Is Working On Fixing THIS One Big Problem For iPhone and Android Users

Almost all of us for once have received the “Storage Running Low” notification while opening the Whatsapp and if we accurately explain this problem then this is the most annoying message that millions of iPhone and Android phone users find. The situation can become even worst if your phone doesn’t offer more GBs for storage and you don’t have extra money to spend on new phones or memory card.

However, as Whatsapp cares about this annoyance caused by the app, the company now, therefore, is working on an improved feature that will make it easier for users to see how much space the content of the app is taking on the device.

And just when that seems to be enough alone, Whatsapp will soon also offer the option to view how much content has been forwarded to other people in your contact list and you would also be able to check the size of specific charts.

Furthermore, along with all the data which now would be easily accessible, Whatsapp is also going to introduce a simpler way to get rid of larger files that occupy more space on the phone, sometimes without your consent or you know about it.

This update has been first spotted by Wabetainfo who has also reported that the feature is called as “Storage Usage” and since it is under the development phase currently, one can also expect a release in the upcoming months.

The shared screenshots of the features are also hinting towards how Whatsapp users will be able to see files in size order which will help them catch the worst offenders instantly.

As all of the features reported does sound exciting, the fun will become double if Whatsapp plans to release its another feature, called as “Linked Devices” (which has also been in the pipelines for long) and is based on making it easier for the user to add more than one device to their accounts and that means Whatsapp users will be able to chat from PC, other smartphones which they may own and tablets without any worries.

It would indeed be an incremental update from the current set up that only allows users to chat through Whatsapp Web for which you are again required to connect your primary Whatsapp phone to the web.

Whatsapp Is Working On Fixing THIS Headache For iPhone and Android Users

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