Apple Reminds Users About Being The Ultimate Privacy Protector In New Over Sharing Ad

There is a man yelling in the bus crowded with people that he has visited eight websites to find any good divorce lawyer today. A woman comes down to a stranger in a movie theater and shares her login information. You even see two co-workers having a conversation about how they hate to get along with a colleague. And last but not the least, you see a woman broadcasting her credit card information with a loudspeaker.

If you notice the ad carefully, you will realize that while some of the acts do portray how our embarrassing searches and chats are not safe at all, it is also showcasing the potential violation of our important private information too. In the end Apple’s over Sharing ad has one purpose and that is of how the company is focused on being the ultimate protector of the private information that users store online. Even the tagline re-emphasizes “Some things shouldn’t be shared. iPhone helps keep it that way.”

Although Apple hasn’t really mentioned any of its tech rivals to directly attack them for the recent breaches that the similar companies have conducted or for their questionable privacy practices, but it seems very clear who was Apple talking about.

This isn’t the first time that Apple has showed off for being the leader in privacy protection within the tech industry, there was also a similar billboard hung outside the venue of CES 2019 that welcomed visitors with the following words: What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone”.

There was also a privacy ad to go with it that stated if privacy matters to a user in life, it should also matter in the kind of life that you live on your phone. However, that all effort vent in vain when the Facetime bug made it easier for bad guys to eavesdrop on video calls.

Furthermore, during the last year’s Key Note, CEO Tim Cook and his team also introduced the company’s own credit card and other new services along with highlighting the important factor of how everything that Apple introduces is designed to keep your personal information really secure and private.

Later Apple even said no to the FBI when authorities reached out to the company to unlock the iPhone of a suspect associated with 2016 shooting in San Bernardino. Apple refused stating that the practice goes against the ethical policy of the company and this could have also set a dangerous precedent.

On the contrary, Apple even had to publicly apologize last August for having human listeners to iPhone’s digital assistant Siri queries, secretly.

While the news from Apple’s headquarter is always a mixture of breach and protection, the Over Sharing ad does highlight the fact that how much of digital lives and information is always easily accessible for hackers and open to the general public. At least someone among the tech giant cares.

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