WhatsApp reportedly dragging away its handy expected feature that has been in development-phase for years

WhatsApp is the most demanding social media application all over the world. It keeps trying new features and updating the proven ones to treat their users with the best with each passing day.

Recently, it was reported that WhatsApp is working on an advanced feature named Vacation Mode. This feature has aimed to solve the most awaited issue of mute the archive chats permanently.

The recent reports claim that WhatsApp has started developing this feature in 2018, and it has been expected to launch this year. However, lately, it is on air that WhatsApp has stopped the testing of this most anticipated feature any more.

The real discoverer of this feature, WABetaInfo, has lately tweeted that Whatsapp has postponed its decision to bring up this new feature and has stopped working on its development.

To note that, WhatsApp has been analyzing this feature for the last two years but has suddenly stopped its development.

There is no update since today whether WhatsApp would work on this feature and when. Yet, this feature if updates can proffer the users with an ease of marking the messages as archived whenever a new notification pops up. It is to record that WhatsApp presently only offers an archive and mute feature separately. That is, one can push the chat in archive messages but can not mute it for long or permanently.

However, this feature has aimed to be activated for both the users of Android and iOS operating systems. It can allow people to hide their chats on WhatsApp for a very long time until it turned back on as archived and muted chats altogether.

It is a common practice that people don’t want to keep changing their settings to secure their privacy. They have been calling for such a feature for long. Under this desire, the initial announcement by WhatsApp to develop the Vacation Mode feature has proved to be a sweet treat for its users. But, this latest insight about the cancellation of this feature has left people with questions.

Furthermore, presently WhatsApp offers an archive mode that pushes the chats down for some time, but with the new message, it pops up back, which makes this feature useless for some people. WhatsApp's feature of muting the chats is also slightly different from this awaited Vacation feature as it also not drives the messages to the bottom.

It is believed that WhatsApp is yet working on another new feature of providing a permanent solution of muting the chats rather than a 1-year time limit. Moreover, it has also reported that if the Vacation Mode feature makes its way to the public, then it will be called as ignore archived messages and can be updated from the notification bar on the application of WhatsApp.

Yet, it is still not clear if Whatsapp has any intentions to revive the development.

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