Facebook is Creating a Centralized Control Panel for All Related Accounts

These days the two most popular social media platforms by far are Facebook and Instagram. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, this means that the social media giant has quite a bit of influence in this space. Facebook also owns WhatsApp, and that coupled with its own Messenger app means that Facebook has a lot of control in the world of instant messaging as well verging on a monopoly that most other companies are going to find very difficult to break if not outright impossible due to how many users prefer one or both of the two messaging platforms that Facebook owns above all others.

After making its acquisitions as popular as they are, Facebook has started working on various things such as figuring out ways in which it can turn its disparate platforms into an integrated ecosystem. This is happening in a lot of ways. For example, a lot of users have noted that it is now possible to integrate your WhatsApp with your business Instagram.

It appears that Facebook is taking this integration one step further by creating an Accounts Center, as spotted by Ahmed Ghanem and shared by Matt Navarra. This will be a centralized location through which you can manage various aspects of your different social media accounts. The Accounts Center is currently fairly sparsely populated with only Facebook and Instagram being available, but chances are WhatsApp will come into the mix as well. It is also likely that Facebook has created this accounts center somewhat preemptively. Perhaps the social media juggernaut is planning on making lots more acquisitions that could better populate the Accounts Center. Snapchat has long been a thorn in Facebook’s side and Facebook might be tempted to buy its small but stubborn competitor. TikTok’s US branch has also been up for sale for quite some time now, and while Facebook has been developing newer apps and features to compete with it perhaps Facebook would be interested in just buying out the competition.

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Featured photo: Getty Images
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