Leaked audio from an internal Facebook meeting shows the company’s CEO in a newer, lighter light

Casey Newton recently published a report in The Verge which revealed certain aspects from leaked audio from internal Facebook meetings. As per Casey, the CEO of Facebook answered different questions about various serious subjects. When he was broached with the question on how the company should present itself before and during the upcoming elections of 2020, and whether the company should present itself as neutral, or support the civil rights? Zuckerberg answers reveal that he deems to see his company supporting every aspect of the elections and be a part of the whole deal rather than picking sides. So, it is kind of a holistic approach that Zuckerberg has in mind, and through the company’s various actions, it seems that he acts upon his approach too.

There were some light-hearted moments in the meetings too, and it seems that Zuckerberg remained his usual calm and poised during those Questions and Answers sessions, with occasional lazy humor here and there.

Since many of the employees are working from home these days, someone asked Zuckerberg about the free office snacks and mentioned that those free snacks were a major source of attraction for many job applicants. Zuckerberg appeared to be genuinely surprised to hear this, as he mentioned politely that free office snacks surely cannot be the sole reason for people interested in working for Facebook.

In a light-hearted moment, someone commented on his excessive sunscreen usage. The background of this comment is a casual, candid picture of Zuckerberg that surfaced over the internet a little while ago. He was wearing an excessive amount of sunscreen on a beach holiday, and he became the fodder for hilarious memes all over the world because of the ghostly/alien-ish appearance he presented in that picture.

Taking it lightly and in a self-deprecating stride, Zuckerberg quipped that he does not have anything to apologize for, although, he does accept that the sunscreen was just too much and he did appear funny. But still, he believes that it is better to take precautions and wear sunscreen whenever outside rather than taking risks. He also said that he does not think that anything he does can present him as particularly ‘cool,’ but safety comes first. This is rightfully said- sunscreens are a must, but the quantity of sunscreen should be controlled.

Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images

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