Here Are the 3 Qualities You Need to Work Remotely for Facebook

It’s fair to say that the tech industry might just be the single most profitable industry in which anyone can end up working. Facebook is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, which means that working for the social media giant is going to be a dream come true for a lot of people out there who value their careers. While the coronavirus pandemic has lead to a lot of layoffs and widespread unemployment, Facebook seems undeterred as it plans to hire 10,000 new product engineers that would be working remotely.

This is a large number but that doesn’t mean that you can get this job easily. Millions of people are probably going to apply, so if you want to increase your chances you might want to hear what Miranda Kalinowski has to say. She’s Facebook’s head of global recruiting and she has been with the company for quite a long time, seeing the tech giant increase its workforce tenfold and guiding this process in a lot of ways. According to Kalinowski, there are 3 basic qualities that most interviewers for Facebook would be looking for, and if you display these 3 qualities then your chances of getting a job at the company would increase quite a bit.

The first quality is honesty with regards to the challenges you’re facing. Everyone has problems, but how you deal with them is what truly matters and acknowledging them is a pretty big part of them. The second quality is a knowledge of Facebook’s core values as well as a desire to push the boundaries of these values so that you can contribute to the company becoming even better. The third quality is how memorable you are. You don’t need to perform any antics to stand out of course but you should do something to set yourself apart and humanize yourself amongst a sea of candidates.

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