Mark Zuckerberg’s sunscreen-covered picture has turned into a new joke of the town

As per NYPost, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has recently come in the line of fire of ruthless but hilarious memes. Last week, a picture started making rounds on the social media which showed Mark Zuckerberg enjoying on his electric surfboard on a beach in Hawaii. While there was nothing wrong in the activity, the thing that stirred and stimulated the humorous spirits of the ‘memers’ on the social media was his almost white face, overly covered with sunscreen!

Normally, Zuckerberg is a very decent looking chap, and no one ever makes fun of his looks or appearance. However, his ghost-like white face on the beaches of Hawaii not only became an instant talk of the town, but it also turned into a matter of joke within hours.

People started posting his picture all over the social media and turned it into memes. Some of the memes hilariously depicted him side by side with the ever-famous DC Comics villain, The Joker, which was played by the actor Cesar Romero, especially from a scene where he also was surfing in a TV episode of Batman, the series.

Other users also claimed that Zuckerberg’s sunscreen-laden appearance resembled greatly with a character Data from Star Trek! This was acutely funny because Data does have an uncanny resemblance with Zuckerberg’s white face.

Some people found him quite accurately comparable with the ghost from Spirited Away.

But that is not all! Apparently, Zuckerberg’s picture reminded people of all the characters from Mrs Doubtfire, Halloween, The Island of Doctor Moreau, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Point Break, and many more.

Some people also found his sunscreen-covered face almost equivalent to the ‘crappy’ Michael Myers masks that are found at Party City.

Someone believes that it is Zuckerberg ‘ shedding’ his skin just like reptiles, as it is summertime.

Many more memes are circulating with people comparing Zuckerberg with one character or thing or another. While it is mostly funny and said in good spirits, and does not mean to offend or humiliate Mark Zuckerberg in any way, one should not miss the point that sunscreen usage is highly recommended.

Sunscreen is a great skincare product which not only protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, but it also provides other benefits too. People who are fair-skinned have less Melanin, the component that imparts the brownish color to the skin. People who have lesser melanocytes are at a higher risk of developing various skin conditions due to over-exposure to the sun and its harmful radiations. Therefore, sunscreen is mandatory for these people when they go outside.

Dark-skinned people with excessive melanin are at risk of developing skin cancer due to over-exposure to the sun, so sunscreen is necessary for them as well.

We do not know why Zuckerberg put on his sunscreen so enthusiastically, but regardless of the quantity he used to apply on his face, it still is a good thing and he followed a good routine. Others also should take care of their skin rather than mocking Zuckerberg.

Featured Photo Credit: MEGA

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