Technology facts which scared you turned out to be myths

The use of technology has gotten really common these days and we often come through a lot of myths related to technology. This false news is usually spread by competitors of a particular technological product. Often educated people will know that this information is false but people who have just started using these technological devices are most likely to believe in these myths.

People used to think that a camera with high megapixels will produce a high-quality image and they actually used to check the megapixels of the camera before buying it. This information is absolutely false as the lens and many other things contribute towards a high-quality picture.

Another hilarious myth that people used to believe was that charging your phone overnight will reduce the battery life of your mobiles or laptops and again this information is completely false as recent research proved that it is safe to plug in your phone overnight as the extra battery charged will be helpful in emergency situations. People still believe in all these myths and as technology advances, the number of myths also increases.

Researchers at HSI randomly chose 1000 people and asked them about the myths they must have recently listened and thought they were true. One of the most popular myth that 75% of Americas believe is that 5G data will be harmful to them and this myth is 100% false as 5G will same as other cellular technologies like 3G and 4G.

Similarly, people believe that you can not charge your phone until your phone's battery is 0% and this belief is completely false. Nowadays the technology has become so advanced that it is not necessary to do so and the users can charge their phone anytime and their mobiles and laptops will not depreciate.

Another ridiculous myth common amongst people is that the previous version of the phone becomes slow, less cooperative and starts hanging when a new model is launched people think that it happens because the owners want people to upgrade their phones so that they can sell the new products but it is not true, the reason that the previous models become slow is that the new phones are much advanced they comparatively have more memory and better processors and because of this the developers build their apps around them and the old phones start depreciating.

Around 36% people in this world thought that Earth orbit satellites will obscure a great starry-night view this again is a myth people think like this because many new satellites are launched over the years but as most of these satellites are covered with sunshades it will not obscure starry nights.

These myths are getting really common these days the reason behind this might be that people spread the message without doing research on it and in this way these myths spread.

Infographic courtesy of: Highspeedinternet.

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