Advertisers and Graphic Designers get a moment to rejoice as Facebook lifts off restrictions on Text Content in Ad images

Facebook seems to have taken a monumental step. Just recently, social media expert Matt Navarra tweeted about this new update. It seems that Facebook has finally listened to the pleas of hundreds of Facebook Advertisers and graphic designers, and has decided to remove the restrictions on ads that contain over 20 percent of text in the ad image.

Matt Navarra has shared some screenshots too, which show that Facebook has already started informing the advertisers about the update. The picture says that Facebook is notifying that in the effort of bringing more improvement to the quality of ads, the company reviewed some of the existing rules, and has decided to stop penalizing ads with higher amounts of image text in delivery and auctions.

From 7th September, Facebook has started removing all the external sources and materials that indicate in any way that the company enforces high levels of text in images.

However, advertisers still have to abide by Facebook’s ad policies with respect to the content of the text. And in the end, Facebook has given a friendly reminder and a polite suggestion that it is still encouraged to use lesser amount of text in ad images because it has been found that this kind of practice has better chances to reach the audience in a faster and more effective way.

Previously, Facebook had a stricter approach and on its Help Page, it was mentioned that for the sake of a better experience for both advertisers and viewers, ads appearing on Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network are screened thoroughly on the basis of the amount of image text used in the ad. After a thorough review, all the ads that have a higher percentage of image text will not be shown, except for a few exemptions on book covers, album covers, and product images.

So, previously, not only the restrictions were strict, but the tone of the notification message on Facebook’s Help Page was also straightforward and direct, without any implication of leniency. This seems to have changed now too.

Previously, Facebook even had a Text Overlay Tool for the advertisers to check if their ads aligned with the restrictions or not. But now, this tool has also been removed.

Facebook had tried to show some leniency about ad text rules back in 2018 when it allowed marketers to include more text in their ads, but as a repercussion, Facebook restricted their ad reach. This restriction was implemented in relation to how much the advertiser had exceeded in the text limit.

But now, with this new update, it seems that Facebook has removed this restriction too.

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